Pedigree chart Erik Johan Stor


Born 1852 in Hällefors (T). [1]
Erik Johan Stor.
Born 1852 in Hällefors (T). [1]



1910 torpare Hällefors, Damshöjden No 1 1 mtl, No 2 3/8 mtl

Spouse(s) and children

Married Lovisa Maria Andersson. Born 1869 in Hällefors (T). [1]

Elin Maria Stor. Born 1890 in Hällefors (T).

Hanna Olivia Stor. Born 1892 in Hällefors (T).

Erik Valdemar Stor. Born 1894 in Hällefors (T).

Johan Olof Stor. Born 1897 in Hällefors (T).

Gerda Lovisa Stor. Born 1899 in Hällefors (T).

Gustaf Vilhelm Stor. Born 1901 in Hällefors (T).

Karl Fredrik Stor. Skogsarbetare, snickare.
Born 1903-09-27 in Hällefors (T). [2]
Died 1973-06-20.

Märta Cecilia Stor. Born 1905 in Hällefors (T).

Sven Edvard Stoor. Skogsarbetare, gruvarbetare.
Born 1908-04-16 in Hällefors (T). [2]

Edit Stor. Born 1910 in Hällefors (T).


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