Pedigree chart Hanna Christina Larsdotter Tranfeldt


Born 1881-06-11 in Dalby, N Transtrand (S). [1]
Hanna Christina Larsdotter Tranfeldt.
Born 1881-06-11 in Dalby, N Transtrand (S). [1]

f Lars Håkansson Tranfeldt.
Born 1838-05-28 in Dalby Stora Persby (S). [2]


ff Håkan Pehrs.
Born 1812-09-21 in Transtrand. [3]

Soldat No 13.


fm Kierstin Larsdotter.
Born 1814 in Dalby, Hjellstad (S). [4]

fmf Lars Jönsson.
Born 1777 in Ny (S). [5]
Died 1824-03-05 in Dalby, Hjellstad (S). [5]

fmff Jon Persson.
Born 1756.

fmfm Kjerstin Larsdotter.
Born 1752.

fmm Ingeborg Olofsdotter.
Born 1785 in Norra Ny (S). [6]
Died 1853-11-13 in Dalby, Hjellstad (S).

fmmf Olof Halvardsson.
Born 1746 in N Ny, Månäs (S). [7]
Died 1808. [7]

fmmm Ingjerd Persdotter.
Born 1750 in N Ny, Månäs (S). [7]

m Johanna Olsdotter.
Born 1853-08-07 in Transtrand (W).
Died 1890-07-01 in Dalby, N Transtrand (S). [8]



1904 4/11 flyttar till St Kil
1907 24/8 flyttar åter till N Transtrand
1908 20/11 flyttar från N Transtrand till Karlstad

Spouse(s) and children

Married 1907-08-24 Anton Andersson. Grovarbetare.
Born 1880 in Sunnersberg (R). [9]

Ture Henning Andersson. Born 1906-06-02 in Dalby, N Transtrand (S).

Ellen Linnéa Andersson. Born 1907-09-06 in Karlstad land (S).

Inez Frideborg Andersson. Born 1908-10-12 in Karlstad land (S).

Helge Leonard Andersson. Born 1910 in Karlstad land, Tallåsen (S).


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