Pedigree chart Olof Andersson


Born 1874-07-01 in Dalby, Uggenäs (S).
Died 1877-10-18.
Olof Andersson.
Born 1874-07-01 in Dalby, Uggenäs (S).
Died 1877-10-18.

f Anders Olsson.
Born 1850-02-23 in Dalby (S).
Died 1909-11-03 in Dalby, Uggenäs (S).

ff Olof Halvardsson.
Born 1823-02-21 in Dalby, Slättne (S). [1]


fff Halvard Håkansson.
Born 1791-11-16 in Dalby Uggleheden (S). [2]
Died 1839-05-19 in Dalby (S).

ffff Håkan Olsson.
Born 1754-09-14 in Dalby, Uggelheden (S). [3]

fffm Ingeborg Danielsdotter.
Born 1756 in Dalby, Uggelheden (S). [3]

ffm Marit Bengtsdotter.
Born 1796-09-01 in Dalby Slättne (S). [4]
Died 1851-03-08 in Dalby, Sysslebäck (S). [3]

ffmf Bengt Olsson.

ffmm Marit Jonsdotter.

fm Olivia Olsdotter.
Born 1812 in Norge, Trysil. [5]


m Maria Andersdotter.
Born 1845-02-27 in Sunne (S). [6]
Died 1906-03-20 in Dalby, Uggenäs (S).



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