Pedigree chart Axel Emanuel Michaelsson


Born 1886-01-15 in Östmark, Holmängen (S).
Died 1886.
Axel Emanuel Michaelsson.
Born 1886-01-15 in Östmark, Holmängen (S).
Died 1886.

f Michael Michaelsson Broberg.
Born 1847-01-17 in Östmark (S).
Died 1927-12-27 in Östmark, Holmängen, Kilbråten (S).


m Kerstin Håkansdotter.
Born 1848-02-25 in Dalby (S).
Died 1904-09-13 in Östmark, Holmängen (S).

mf Håkan Halvardsson.
Born 1818-11-17 in Dalby (S).
Died about 1848.

mff Halvard Håkansson.
Born 1791-11-16 in Dalby Uggleheden (S).
Died 1839-05-19 in Dalby (S).

mfff Håkan Olsson.
Born 1754-09-14 in Dalby, Uggelheden (S).

mffm Ingeborg Danielsdotter.
Born 1756 in Dalby, Uggelheden (S).

mfm Marit Bengtsdotter.
Born 1796-09-01 in Dalby Slättne (S).
Died 1851-03-08 in Dalby, Sysslebäck (S).

mfmf Bengt Olsson.

mfmm Marit Jonsdotter.

mm Karin Jönsdotter.
Born 1830-01-30 in Branäs (S).

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