Pedigree chart Jöns Olsson


Born 1774 in Dalby, Likenäs (S). [1]
Jöns Olsson.
Born 1774 in Dalby, Likenäs (S). [1]



1826-1830 utfattig torpare Likenäs
1835-1841 Likanäs

Spouse(s) and children

Married Karin Sonesdotter. Born 1783 in Dalby, Vinga (S).

Olof Jönsson. Born 1812 in Dalby, Branäs (S). [2]

Sonid Sone Jönsson. Born 1815 in Dalby, Likenäs (S).

Maria Jönsdotter. Born 1820 in Dalby, Likenäs (S).

Karina Jönsdotter. Born 1823 in Dalby, Likenäs (S). [3]

Sigrid Jönsdotter. Born 1828-01-14 in Dalby, Likenäs (S). [4]


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