Pedigree chart Kerstin Olsdotter


Born 1860-10-06 in Dalby (S). [1]
Kerstin Olsdotter.
Born 1860-10-06 in Dalby (S). [1]

f Olof Olsson.
Born 1827-08-28 in Dalby (S). [2]


ff Olof Bryngelsson.
Born 1793 in Dalby, Uggenäs (S). [3]


fff Bryngel Olsson.


ffm Kerstin Olsdotter.


fm Marit Persdotter.
Born 1795 in Dalby, Likenäs (S). [4]

fmf Per Olsson.
Born 1768 in Dalby, Likenäs (S). [5]
Died 1837-01-24 in Dalby, Likenäs (S). [6]


fmm Sigrid Månsdotter.
Born 1769. [7]
Died before 1815.


m Sigrid Jönsdotter.
Born 1828-01-14 in Dalby, Likenäs (S). [8]

mf Jöns Olsson.
Born 1774 in Dalby, Likenäs (S). [9]



mm Karin Sonesdotter.
Born 1783 in Dalby, Vinga (S).



1884-85 piga N Transtrand
1911-1920 gift Nordanå

Spouse(s) and children

Married 1888 Jan Erik Jonsson. Jordbruksarbetare.
Born 1845-10-16 in Husby (X). [10]
Died 1931-02-26 in Alfta, Nordanå (X).

Karl August Jansson. Volontär, sågverksarbetare.
Born 1888-09-28 in Alfta (X).
Died 1939-03-14 in Alfta, Nordanå (X).

Johanna Kristina Jonsson. Born 1897-06-03 in Alfta (X).

Alina Viktoria Jonsson. Born 1900-04-02 in Alfta (X).

Maria Linnéa Jonsson. Born 1902-04-23 in Alfta (X).


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