Pedigree chart Jane Marie Moser


Born 1957-06-01 in Raus (M). [1]
Jane Marie Moser.
Born 1957-06-01 in Raus (M). [1]


Spouse(s) and children

Married 1989-04-29 Karl Tomas Andersson Moser. Born 1956-04-05 in Hjorted (H).

Markus Joakim Thomas Moser. Born 1984-10-06 in Västervik (H).

Martina Aina Maria Moser. Born 1987-02-12 in Västervik (H).

Mimmi Ingrid Käthie Moser. Born 1989-02-04 in Västervik (H).


  1. Sv bef 1990
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