Pedigree chart Hulda Karolina Andersdotter


Born 1875 in Horn (E). [1]
Hulda Karolina Andersdotter.
Born 1875 in Horn (E). [1]


Spouse(s) and children

Married Carl Oskar Alexandersson. Arbetare, arrendator.
Born 1876-09-20 in Kisa (E).

Karl Anders Alexandersson. Born 1902-09-23 in Horn (E).
Died 1990-03-27 in Horn (E).

Axel Ivar Alexandersson. Born 1904-05-14 in Horn, Skifvermåla (E). [2]
Died 1954-08-04 in Horn, Njölhult Södergård, Korsväga (E).

Ida Karolina Alexandersson. Born 1905-11-07 in Horn, Skifvermåla (E). [2]
Died 1993-04-30 in Horn (E).

Elsa Margareta Alexandersson. Born 1907-10-27 in Horn, Skifvermåla (E). [2]
Died 1995-06-03 in Kisa (E).

Johan Herman Alexandersson. Born 1909-08-25 in Horn, Björkanäs (E). [2]
Died 1980-06-28 in Horn, Korsväga, Vadstugan (E).

Astrid Lovisa Alexandersson. Born 1912-09-12 in Kisa, Ennesbo (E). [2]
Died 1999-04-14 in Kisa, Danbomsgården (E).

Erik Oskar Alexandersson. Born 1912-09-12 in Kisa, Ennesbo (E). [2]
Died 1994-10-03 in Horn, Ljunghaga Vadstugan (E).

Erland Valter Alexandersson. Born 1914-08-05 in Kisa, Ennesbo (E). [2]
Died 1997-02-15 in Kisa (E).

Ernst Hugo Alexandersson. Born 1918-12-16 in Kisa, Ennesbo (E). [2]
Died 2005-07-27 in Horn (E).


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