Pedigree chart Sven Harry Andersson


Born 1934-09-18 in Ockelbo, Åbyggeby (X). [1]
Sven Harry Andersson.
Born 1934-09-18 in Ockelbo, Åbyggeby (X). [1]

f Harry Teodor Andersson Frisk.
Born 1909-05-02 in Värnamo (F). [2]



m Karin Ottilia Samuelsson.
Born 1911-05-26 in Ockelbo, Wij (X). [1]
Died 1988-12-15 in Värnamo (F).

mf Karl August Samuelsson.
Born 1876-01-14 in Ockelbo (X).
Died 1951-04-27 in Ockelbo (X).

mff Nils August Samuelsson.
Born 1851-11-19 in Fliseryd (H).

mfff Samuel Hendricksson.
Born 1815-04-07 in Döderhult, Svartlockstorpet (H). [3]
Died 1879-02-28 in Fliseryd, Idehult (H). [4]

mffm Johanna Nilsdotter.
Born 1819-11-07 in Döderhult (H). [5]

mfm Maria Lovisa Nilsdotter.
Born 1850 in Döderhult (H). [6]


mm Maria Sofia Aspgren.
Born 1872-03-20 in Åmot (X).
Died 1930-12-04 in Ockelbo (X).



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