Pedigree chart Gustaf Adolf Viktor Söderholm


Born 1837-09-03 in Stockholm (AB).
Gustaf Adolf Viktor Söderholm.
Born 1837-09-03 in Stockholm (AB).

f Nils Gustaf Söderholm.


m Sara Helena Lomell.
Born 1803-03-01 in Döderhultsvik (H).
Died 1859-05-07 in Stockholm (AB).

mf Peter Wilhelm Lomell.
Born 1769-10-21 in Skänninge (E).
Died 1817-01-01 in Skänninge (E).
Färgare, skönfärgare.

mff Johan Lomell.
Born 1738-10-22 in Ankarsrums brok (H).
Died 1788-08-17.
Färgare, fabrikör.

mfff Johan Pierosson Lomell.
Born 1703-06-07 in V Ed, Eds bruk (H).
Died 1767-08-29 in Ankarsrums bruk.

mffm Johanna Tolvesdotter.
Born 1711-09-04 in V Ed, Eds bruk (H).

mfm Maria Nilsdotter Westlöf.
Born 1738-11-03 in Västervik (H).

mfmf Nils Westlöf.


mm Katarina Dahlstedt.
Born 1775-12-07 in Döderhult, Döderhultsvik (H).
Died 1832-11-20 in Skänninge (E).

mmf Jonas Dahlstedt.
Born calculated 1725.
Died 1797-03-12 in Döderhult, Döderhultsvik (H).
Handelsman Döderhultsvik.


mmm Sara Lena Andersdotter.


Spouse(s) and children

Married 1862-11-04 Julia Aurora Theresia Nordsten. Born 1840-10-15 in Stockholm, Maria (AB).

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