Pedigree chart Johanna Nilsdotter Berg


Born 1683 in V Ed (H). [1]
Died in Hallingeberg (H).
Johanna Nilsdotter Berg.
Born 1683 in V Ed (H). [1]
Died in Hallingeberg (H).

Spouse(s) and children

Married Piero Pierosson Lemon Lemoine. Mästersmed.
Born 1677 in V Ed (H). [1]
Died 1743-10-10 in Hallingeberg, Bruket (H). [2]

Petter Pierosson Lomell. Born. [3]

Maria Pierodotter Lomell. Born. [3]

Katarina Pierodotter Lomell. Born. [3]

Nils Pierosson Lomell. Born. [3]

Johan Pierosson Lomell. Mästersmed.
Born 1703-06-07 in V Ed, Eds bruk (H). [3]
Died 1767-08-29 in Ankarsrums bruk. [2]


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