Pedigree chart Karl Axel Herbert Sundström


Born 1941-06-30 in Vimmerby land, Lådingsfall (H).
Karl Axel Herbert Sundström.
Born 1941-06-30 in Vimmerby land, Lådingsfall (H).

f David Herbert Sundström.
Born 1901-06-25 in Vena, Blaxhult (H).

ff Johan Peter Sundström Lundström.
Born 1861-05-04 in Hjorted (H).
Died 1945-08-27 in Vena, Blaxhult (H).


fm Anna Beata Johansdotter.
Born 1861-12-02 in Hjorted (H).
Died 1942-05-12 in Vena, Blaxhult (H).

fmf Johan Peter Nilsson.
Born 1824-08-24 in Hjorted, Kalmar län.

fmff Nils Persson.
Born 1794-04-25 in Hjorted, Nyängen (H).
Died 1862-10-11 in Hjorted, Nyängen (H).

fmfm Anna Larsdotter.
Born 1800-06-27 in Hjorted Liden (H).
Died 1888-10-12 in Hjorted Nyängen (H).

fmm Anna Lovisa Jonsdotter.
Born 1833 in Hjorted (H).


m Eva Alice Andersson.
Born 1909-03-27 in Locknevi (H).

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