Pedigree chart Anna Maria Andersdotter


Born 1833-02-05 in Odensvi, Eneby (H). [1]
Anna Maria Andersdotter.
Born 1833-02-05 in Odensvi, Eneby (H). [1]

f Anders Nilsson.
Born 1808-10-25 in Odensvi (H). [1]


ff Nils Bengtsson.
Born 1778 in Gamleby (H).
Died 1858 in Odensvi (H).


fm Anna Eriksdotter.
Born 1770 in (D).
Died 1839 in Odensvi (H).


m Maja Stina Nilsdotter.
Born 1795-11-05 in Hallingeberg (H). [1]
Died 1877 in Odensvi.

mf Nils Olofsson.
Born 1770 in Hallingeberg (H).


mm Maja Eriksdotter.
Born 1772 in Lofta (H).
Died 1842 in Hallingeberg (H).



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