Pedigree chart Anna Brita Månsdotter


Born 1808-07-03 in Hallingeberg (H). [1]
Anna Brita Månsdotter.
Born 1808-07-03 in Hallingeberg (H). [1]


Spouse(s) and children

Married Anders Eriksson. Born 1797-03-01 in Hallingeberg (H). [1]

Anna Sofia Andersdotter. Born 1825-10-10 in Hallingeberg (H). [1]

Anders Magnus Andersson. Born 1827-07-06 in Hallingeberg (H). [1]

Brita Katarina Andersdotter. Born 1829-11-22 in Hallingeberg, Hummelstad (H). [2]

Nils Erik Andersson. Born 1831-10-05 in Hallingeberg (H). [1]

Kristina Lovisa Andersdotter. Born 1834-06-05 in Hallingeberg (H). [1]


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