Pedigree chart Anders Peter Andersson


Born 1854-01-11 in Hallingeberg, Hatterbo (H). [1]
Anders Peter Andersson.
Born 1854-01-11 in Hallingeberg, Hatterbo (H). [1]

f Anders Gustaf Jaensson.
Born 1823-06-19 in Hallingeberg, Hatterbo (H). [2]

ff Jaen Andersson.
Born 1782-11-02 in Hallingeberg (H). [3]


fm Katrina Jönsdotter.
Born 1782-10-19 in Hallingeberg (H). [3]


m Brita Katarina Andersdotter.
Born 1829-11-22 in Hallingeberg, Hummelstad (H). [2]

mf Anders Eriksson.
Born 1797-03-01 in Hallingeberg (H). [4]


mm Anna Brita Månsdotter.
Born 1808-07-03 in Hallingeberg (H). [4]


Spouse(s) and children

Married Josefina Wilhelmina Nilsdotter. Born 1862-07-11 in Hallingeberg, Redal (H). [5]

Beda Josefina Andersdotter. Born 1881-11-14 in Blackstad, Frösvinäs (H). [6]
Died 1951-05-08 in Hjorted, Bockshult (H). [7]

Carl Hjalmar Andersson. Born 1884-01-24 in Blackstad, Frösvinäs (H). [8]
Died 1955-08-18 in Hjorted, Yxered (H). [7]


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