Pedigree chart Lars Gustaf Fransson


Born 1873-09-04 in Ramsjö (X).
Died 1955-07-17 in Njutånger (X).
Lars Gustaf Fransson.
Born 1873-09-04 in Ramsjö (X).
Died 1955-07-17 in Njutånger (X).

m Maria Larsdotter Nordlund.
Born 1848-10-06 in Sunne, Arnstorp (S).

mf Lars Eriksson.
Born 1821-08-14 in Sunne, Sätter (S).
Died 1903-02-07 in Sunne, Arnstorp (S).

mff Erik Olsson.
Born 1775.
Died 1829-07-23 in Sunne, Sätter (S).


mfm Marit Olsdotter.
Born 1787-02-13 in Sunne, Norra Soneby (S).

mfmf Olof Olsson.
Born 1750 in Ifv: Björka.
Died 1829 in Sunne, Sätter (S).


mm Kerstin Nilsdotter.
Born 1825-03-03 in Sunne, Hedåsen (S).
Died 1908-02-16 in Sunne, Arnstorp (S).

mmf Nils Olsson.
Born 1794-08-21 in Sunne, Edsbjörke (S).
Died 1868-05-06 in Sunne, Hedåsen (S).

mmff Olof Persson.
Born 1759.
Died 1832-12-01 in Sunne, Edsbjörke (S).

mmfm Karin Ersdotter.
Born 1762 in Sunne, Edsbjörke (S).

mmm Maria Larsdotter.
Born 1789-08-18 in Sunne, Hedåsen (S).

mmmf Lars Håkansson.
Born 1755 in Sunne, Hedåsen (S).
Died 1817 in Hedåsen (S).

mmmm Maria Persdotter.
Born 1758 in Sunne, Tomthult (S).
Died 1827 in Sunne, Hedåsen (S).


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