Pedigree chart Johan Andersson


Born about 1640 in Lofta (H).
Died 1710 in geni.
Johan Andersson.
Born about 1640 in Lofta (H).
Died 1710 in geni.

Spouse(s) and children

Married Kerstin Svensdotter. Born about 1646 in Lofta, Forserum (H).
Died 1688 in Lofta, Forserum (H).

Per Johansson. Born 1664 in Lofta (H).
Died 1726-06-04 in Lofta, Forserum (H). [1]

Anders Johansson. Born 1668 in Lofta, Forserum (H). [2]
Died 1750-05-29 in Lofta, Forserum (H).

Sven Johansson. Born about 1669 in Lofta, Åkerholm (H). [3]
Died 1735 in Lofta, Hycklinge (H).

Johan Johansson. Born 1679 in Lofta, Forserum (H). [2]
Died 1724-12-08 in Lofta, Forserum (H).


  2. geni Carina Larsson
  3. Geni Justin Swanström
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