Pedigree chart Hanna Kristina Bergstén


Born 1875 in Floda (W).
Hanna Kristina Bergstén.
Born 1875 in Floda (W).


Spouse(s) and children

Without marriage .

Karl Martin Bergstén. Born 1895-09-23 in Torsång (W).
Died 1967-04-14 in Hägersten (AB).

Helga Kristina Bergstén. Born 1899-04-26 in Torsång (W).
Died 1990-06-22 in Vaksala (C).

Married Anders Sten. Skrädderiarbetare.
Born 1879 in Gagnef (W).

Hanna Valborg Sten. Born 1903-04-20 in Amsberg (W).
Died 1993-03-23 in Falu Kristine (W).

Gunborg Alice Sten. Born 1905-03-10 in Stora Tuna (W).
Died 1987-05-27 in Stora Kopparberg (W).

Anders Villy Sten. Born 1907-03-15 in Karlstad (W).
Died 1980-03-28 in Falu Kristine (W).

Britta Adéle Sten. Born 1909-05-17 in Karlstad (W).
Died 1990-11-12 in Kristinehamn (S).

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