Pedigree chart Anders Persson


Born 1761-06-26 in Hackås, Näcksta (Z). [1]
Anders Persson.
Born 1761-06-26 in Hackås, Näcksta (Z). [1]

f Per Nestberg.
Born. [2]



m Dagni Olofsdotter.
Born. [2]


Spouse(s) and children

Married Brita Nilsdotter. Born 1764. [3]

Segrid Andersdotter. Born 1794-08-22.

Nils Andersson. Bonde Nybodarna.
Born 1799-07-09 in Hackås, Nybodarna (Y). [3]

Märeta Andersdotter. Born 1802-08-14.


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