Pedigree chart Anders Nilsson


Born 1808 in Odensvi (H).
Anders Nilsson.
Born 1808 in Odensvi (H).

f Nils Bengtsson.
Born 1778 in Gamleby (H).
Died 1858 in Odensvi (H).


m Anna Eriksdotter.
Born 1770 in (D).
Died 1839 in Odensvi (H).


Spouse(s) and children

Married Maja Stina Nilsdotter. Born 1795 in Hallingeberg (H).
Died 1877 in Odensvi.

Lovisa Charlotta Andersdotter. Born 1835 in Odensvi (H).
Died 1886 in Odensvi (H).

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