Pedigree chart Anna Helena Jonsdotter


Born 1826-08-10 in Gideå (Y). [1]
Anna Helena Jonsdotter.
Born 1826-08-10 in Gideå (Y). [1]


Spouse(s) and children

Married 1853-07-03 Hans Persson Gidlöf. Torpare.
Born 1829-09-10 in Gideå, Stärke (Y). [2]

Jonas Petter Gidlöf. Torpare.
Born 1855-04-17 in Gideå, Kroksjö (Y).

Erik Anton Gidlöf. Born 1858-06-20 in Gideå, Kroksjö (Y).

Carl Johan Gidlöf. Born 1860-03-17 in Gideå (Y). [3]

Walfrid Gidlöf. Born 1863-05-13 in Gideå, Kroksjö (Y). [4]
Died 1905-05-23 in Gideå, Kroksjö (Y). [5]


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