Pedigree chart Anders Gustaf Andersson


Born 1854-04-14 in Ukna (H). [1]
Anders Gustaf Andersson.
Born 1854-04-14 in Ukna (H). [1]



1900 gift sågarbetare Ala såg i Ljusne

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Spouse(s) and children

Married Charlotta Eleonora Svanström. Born 1858-10-11 in Ukna (H). [2]

Johan Edvard Andersson. Sågarbetare.
Born 1883 in Söderala (X). [3]

Karl Sigfrid Andersson. Sågarbetare.
Born 1885 in Söderala (X). [3]

Charlotta Eugenia Andersson. Born 1887 in Söderala (X). [3]

Betty Antonia Andersson. Born 1891-01-31 in Söderala, Ala (X). [4]

Lilly Adelina Andersson. Born 1893 in Söderala (X). [3]

Ada Sofia Andersson. Born 1897-01-10 in Ljusne, Ala (X). [5]

Gustaf Filip Andersson. Born 1902-09-16 in Ljusne, Ala (X). [6]


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