Pedigree chart Karl Algot Josefsson


Born 1903-05-10 in Nederkalix (BD). [1]
Karl Algot Josefsson.
Born 1903-05-10 in Nederkalix (BD). [1]



1925 flyttar från Yttermarjärv

Spouse(s) and children

Married 1925-08-16 Lisa Erika Andersson. Born 1901-06-10 in Tåsjö (Z). [2]
Died 1930-04-03 in Töre, Marjärvs, Ytter? (BD). [3]

Ture Josefsson. Born 1925-06-08 in Töre (BD). [4]

Bo Josefsson. Born 1926-11-13 in Töre (BD). [4]


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