Pedigree chart Anders Fredrik Andersson


Born 1814-12-25 in Gamleby, Rumma (H). [1]
Anders Fredrik Andersson.
Born 1814-12-25 in Gamleby, Rumma (H). [1]

f Anders Petter Jonasson.
Born 1777-08-13 in Gamleby, Stämmerum (H). [2]
Died 1839-10-18 in Gamleby, Rumma (H). [3]
Bonde Rumma.

ff Jonas Andersson.
Born 1751 in Gamleby (H). [4]

Bonde Stämmerum.


fm Brita Andersdotter.
Born 1756 in Gamleby (H). [5]


m Anna Stina Persdotter.
Born 1786-08-18 in Hallingeberg (H). [6]
Died 1830-01-07 in Gamleby, Rumma (H). [7]



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