Pedigree chart Per Nilsson


Torpare Öfraryd.
Born 1819-11-29 in Olastorp. [1]
Per Nilsson.
Born 1819-11-29 in Olastorp. [1]

Torpare Öfraryd.


1880 änkling, torpare Öfraryd med Sissa, John o Niklla

Spouse(s) and children

Married Maja Johnsdotter. Born 1823-02-13 in Glimåkra, Öfraryd (L). [2]
Died 1876-10-06 in Glimåkra, Öfraryd (L). [1]

Nils Persson. Torpare i Öfraryd.
Born 1848-04-02 in Glimåkra (L). [3]

Sissa Persdotter. Born 1850-05-11 in Glimåkra (L). [1]
Died 1941-02-05 in Glimåkra, Öfraryd (L).

John Persson. Born 1853-12-05 in Glimåkra (L). [1]

Nilla Persdotter. Born 1864-12-10 in Glimåkra (L). [1]


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