Pedigree chart Ida Lovisa Johansdotter


Born 1860-10-30 in Lerbäck, Björnhaga (T). [1]
Ida Lovisa Johansdotter.
Born 1860-10-30 in Lerbäck, Björnhaga (T). [1]

f Johannes Ersson.
Born 1821-12-27 in Lerbäck Björnhaga (T). [2]

Brukare Björnhaga.

ff Erik Jansson Johansson Hane.
Born 1792-02-10 in Hällestad (E). [3]
Died 1856-10-01 in Lerbäck (T). [4]
Hemmansbrukare Björnhaga.


fm Anna Stina Jansdotter.
Born 1796-09-26 in Lerbäck (T). [5]
Died 1861-05-08 in Lerbäck Björnhaga (T). [6]


m Stina Lotta Andersdotter.
Born 1824-10-01 in Lerbäck (T). [7]



1880 gift Öfre Gryts Bruk i Bo
1900 gift Lilla Emma i Bo

Spouse(s) and children

Married Gustaf Leo Andersson. Valsarbetare, hemmansbrukare.
Born 1855 in Lerbäck (T). [8]

Karl Gerard Samuel Andersson. Born 1890 in Bo (T). [8]

Judit Axelina Andersson. Born 1892-12-02 in Lerbäck (T). [9]
Died 1951-11-05 in Ekeby, Frommesta (T). [10]

Gustaf Valentin Andersson. Born 1895-02-14 in Lerbäck (T). [9]
Died 1967-01-15 in Bo, Lilla Emma (T). [10]

Arvid Emanuel Andersson. Born 1897-11-15 in Lerbäck (T). [9]
Died 1907-01-22 in Bo, Lilla Emma (T). [10]

Karl Elis Valdemar Andersson. Born 1900-08-06 in Bo (T). [9]
Died 1990-11-12 in Lerbäck, Åsbro (T). [10]


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