Pedigree chart Per Persson


Brukare Puksjömåla.
Born 1749 in Döderhult (H).
Per Persson.
Born 1749 in Döderhult (H).

Brukare Puksjömåla.


1873 till Puksjömåla
1803 flyttar från Puksjömåla till Döderhult

Spouse(s) and children

Married 1873 Annika Svensdotter. Born 1749 in Döderhult (H).

Peter Persson. Born 1773.

Lena Persdotter. Born 1775.

Sara Persdotter. Born 1778 in Mörlunda (H).

Sven Persson. Torpare.
Born 1881-02-02 in Mörlunda (H).
Died 1856-02-01 in Döderhult (H).

Stina Persdotter. Born 1784-06-28 in Mörlunda, Puksjömåla (H).
Died 1825-03-26 in Mörlunda, Gässlingsäng (H).

Maria Persdotter. Born 1787-08-30 in Mörlunda (H).
Died 1855-02-03 in Fliseryd (H).

Ingrid Persdotter. Born 1790 in Mörlunda (H).
Died 1861-06-16 in Mörlunda (H).

Carl Persson. Born 1792 in Mörlunda (H).

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