Pedigree chart Maja Stina Jonsdotter


Born 1753 in Vårdsberg (E).
Died 1819 in Landeryd (E).
Maja Stina Jonsdotter.
Born 1753 in Vårdsberg (E).
Died 1819 in Landeryd (E).

Spouse(s) and children

Married Per Strömmerstedt. Mjölnare.
Born 1746-08-28 in Landeryd, Hackefors (E).
Died 1795-10-10 in Vist, Styvinge (E).

Samuel Anders Strömmerstedt. Born 1775-10-24 in Landeryd (E).
Died 1777-07-02 in Landeryd (E).

Johannes Strömmerstedt. Born 1778 in Landeryd (E).

Petrus Strömmerstedt. Born 1780-01-25 in Landeryd (E).
Died 1781-01-11 in Landeryd (E).

Stina Kaijsa Strömerstedt. Born 1781-12-06 in Landeryd, Hackefors (E).
Died 1832 in Värna (E).

Lisa Maria Strömmerstedt. Born 1785-01-25 in Landeryd (E).
Died 1785-12-02 in Landeryd, Hackefors (E).

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