Pedigree chart Selma Johanna Wallin


Born 1874-08-23 in Rone (I).
Selma Johanna Wallin.
Born 1874-08-23 in Rone (I).


Spouse(s) and children

Married Gustaf Alfred Nilsson. Rättare.
Born 1857-05-04 in Hallingeberg (H).

Gustaf Nils Edvard Nilsson. Sjöman.
Born 1901-05-20 in Hemse (I).
Died 1987-02-21 in Hemse (I).

Anna Sofia Maria Nilsson. Born 1903-10-03 in Hemse (I).
Died 1905-09-30 in Hemse, Sindarve.

Karl Bernhard Nilsson. Born 1905-12-23 in Hemse (I).
Died 1920-06-26 in Hemse, Sindarve (I).

Berta Johanna Nilsson. Born 1910-01-28 in Hemse, Sindarve (I).
Died 1988-01-08 in Hemse (I).

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