Pedigree chart Sara Larsdotter


Born 1839 in Dalby (S).
Sara Larsdotter.
Born 1839 in Dalby (S).


Spouse(s) and children

Married Jon Halvardsson. Torpare.
Born 1835-09-12 in Dalby, Slättene (S).

Kerstin Jonsdotter. Born 1860-11-08 in Dalby, Stommen (S).
Died 1933-10-28 in Sveg (Z).

Lars Jonsson Dahlgren. Arbetare, torpare.
Born 1863-05-11 in Dalby, Slättne (S).
Died 1942-06-06 in Rämmen, Östervik (S).

Marit Jonsdotter. Torpare.
Born 1866-06-30 in Dalby, Stommen (S).
Died 1941-02-14 in Dalby, Skyllbäck (S).

Sara Jonsdotter. Born 1869-07-18 in Dalby, Stommen (S).

Karin Jonsdotter. Born 1872-05-02 in Dalby, Stommen (S).
Died 1948-05-24 in Hede (Z).

Lena Jonsdotter. Born 1874-11-28 in Dalby, Stommen (S).
Died 1955-01-07 in Vitsand, Ställ (S).

Britta Jonsdotter. Born 1877-06-08 in Dalby, Stommen (S).

Johan Jonsson. Born 1881-12-09 in Dalby, Stommen (S).
Died 1936-03-24 in Göteborgs Haga (O).

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