Pedigree chart Hanna Sofia Larsson


Born 1887-08-28 in Dalby (S). [1]
Died 1939-01-25 in Dalby, Amnerud (S). [2]
Hanna Sofia Larsson.
Born 1887-08-28 in Dalby (S). [1]
Died 1939-01-25 in Dalby, Amnerud (S). [2]

m Marit Jönsson Jöns.
Born 1861-04-22 in Dalby, Benteby (S). [3]
Died 1933-08-15 in Dalby, Amnerud (S). [2]

mf Jöns Halvardsson.
Born 1825-04-25 in Dalby Sysslebäck (S).
Died 1893-05-11 in Dalby (S).
Nybyggare Benteby.

mff Halvard Håkansson.
Born 1791-11-16 in Dalby Uggleheden (S). [4]
Died 1839-05-19 in Dalby (S).

mfff Håkan Olsson.
Born 1754-09-14 in Dalby, Uggelheden (S). [5]

mffm Ingeborg Danielsdotter.
Born 1756 in Dalby, Uggelheden (S). [5]

mfm Marit Bengtsdotter.
Born 1796-09-01 in Dalby Slättne (S). [6]
Died 1851-03-08 in Dalby, Sysslebäck (S). [5]

mfmf Bengt Olsson.

mfmm Marit Jonsdotter.

mm Sigrid Olofsdotter.
Born 1816-11-22 in Dalby Amnerud (S). [7]
Died 1892-05-06 in Dalby (S).

mmf Olof Larsson.
Born 1781-06-22 in Dalby Amnerud (S). [8]
Died before 1855.

mmff Lars Olofsson.

mmfm Marit Persdotter.

mmm Brita Jönsdotter.
Born 1779 in Dalby Kattstjärten (S).
Died 1855-08-17 in Dalby (S).



1910 inhyses Amnerud
1939 ogift

Spouse(s) and children

Without marriage Axel Halvardsson. Born 1884-01-13.

Jenny Emilia Axelsson. Born 1905-06-06 in Dalby, Amnerud (S). [9]
Died 1976-12-13 in Dalby, Likenäs, pensionärshemmet (S).

Agnes Maria Axelsson. Born 1909-02-16 in Dalby, Amnerud (S). [9]
Died 1990-09-11 in Munkfors (S).


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