Pedigree chart Anna Brita Andersdotter


Born 1875-09-01 in Bodsjö, Flatnor (Z).
Anna Brita Andersdotter.
Born 1875-09-01 in Bodsjö, Flatnor (Z).

f Anders Persson.
Born 1826-04-01 in Bodsjö, Höviken (Z).
Died 1904-03-20 in Bodsjö, Flatnor (Z).
Bonde Flatnor.

Per   Eriksson 1797-

ff Per Eriksson.
Born 1797-09-07 in Bodsjö (Z).

Bonde Flatnor.


ffm Märeta Gudmundsdotter.
Born 1768-01-11 in Bodsjö (Z).

ffmf Gudmund Persson Norman.
Born 1735-07-07.

Dragon Hunge, dragon och bonde Flatnor.

ffmm Karin Jonsdotter.
Born 1728.
Died 1808.

Märta   Andersdotter 1795-

fm Märta Andersdotter.
Born 1795 in Lockne (Z).


m Margreta Eskilsdotter.
Born 1841-11-19 in Bodsjö, Våle (Z).
Died 1914-09-07 in Bodsjö, Flatnor (Z).

mf Eskil Persson.
Born 1812-11-30 in Revsund (Z).

Bonde Våle.


mm Märta Persdotter.
Born 1813-01-01 in Revsund, Ammer (Z).

mmf Per Henicsson.

Bonde Ammer.


mmm Lisbet Ersdotter.

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