Pedigree chart Anna Andersdotter


Born 1805-05-28 in Munktorp, Rämsta (U).
Anna Andersdotter.
Born 1805-05-28 in Munktorp, Rämsta (U).

f Anders Andersson.
Born 1768-06-15 in Odensvi, Blixbo (U).
Died 1828-08-30 in Odensvi, Hagby (U).

ff Anders Eriksson.
Born 1725-09-xx in Fellingsbro (T).
Died 1769-05-19 in Odensvi, Blixbo (U).


fm Kerstin Jonasdotter.
Born 1740-11-29 in Köping land (U).
Died 1804-02-13 in Odensvi, Hagby (U).

fmf Jonas Jonsson.
Born 1714-03-18 in Köping land, Kastena (U).
Died 1769-03-22 in Odensvi, Hagby (H).

fmff Jonas Mårtensson.
Born 1685-07-05 in Fellingsbro, Öby (T).
Died 1743-07-03 in Köping land, Kastena (U).

fmfm Margareta Jonsdotter.
Born 1682 in Köping land, Kastena (U).
Died 1755-12-15 in Köping land, Kastena (U).

fmm Anna Annika Persdotter.
Born 1711-09-07 in Odensvi, Kulinge (H).
Died 1769-03-12 in Odensvi, Hagby (U).

fmmf Per Jonsson.

Died 1746 in Odensvi, Kulinge (H).

fmmm Brita Matsdotter.
Born 1676.
Died 1745-09-24 in Odensvi, Kulinge (H).

m Anna Larsdotter.
Born 1772-01-16 in Odensvi (U).
Died 1811-11-12 in Odensvi, Hagby (U).



Inger Amnefelt:

Född 1805-05-28 i Hagby, Odensvi (U) [Odensvi A1:9 p 330, Odensvi C:4].

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