Pedigree chart Anna Lovisa Johansdotter


Born 1859 in Lycksele (AC). [1]
Anna Lovisa Johansdotter.
Born 1859 in Lycksele (AC). [1]

f Johan Ericsson.


m Anna Lovisa Andersdotter.


Spouse(s) and children

Married August Fjällström. Hemmansägare.
Born 1854-11-16 in Lycksele, Vägsele (AC). [1]

Fritiof Fjellström. Born 1885 in Lycksele (AC). [1]

Harald Fjellström. Born 1888 in Lycksele (AC). [1]

Augusta Karolina Fjellström. Born 1890 in Lycksele (AC). [1]

Villy Maria Fjellström. Born 1894 in Lycksele (AC). [1]

Vilhelm Fjellström. Chaufför.
Born 1898-12-10 in Lycksele (AC).
Died 1976-11-29 in Lycksele, Vägsele (AC). [2]


  1. Sv bef 1900
  2. Sv DB
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