Pedigree chart John Henrik Karlsson


Born 1887-07-26 in Bäckebo (H). [1]
John Henrik Karlsson.
Born 1887-07-26 in Bäckebo (H). [1]


f Adolf Karlsson.
Born 1854 in Ryssby (H). [2]

Torpare, statdräng.


m Gustava Johansdotter Johannisdotter.
Born 1852 in Ryssby (H). [2]

mf Johannes Persson.



mm Anna Maria Andersdotter.


Spouse(s) and children

Married Anette Sofi Katarina Karlsson. Born 1892-08-04 in Augerum (K). [3]
Died 1960-08-15 in Borgholm (H). [4]

Astrid Sofia Karlsson. Kallskänka, inst tekniker.
Born 1928-08-09 in Karlskrona stadsförsamling (K). [5]


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