Pedigree chart Jonas Anton Morin


Born 1893-01-10 in Timrå (Y).
Died 1969-03-01 in Alnö (Y).
Jonas Anton Morin.
Born 1893-01-10 in Timrå (Y).
Died 1969-03-01 in Alnö (Y).

f Anders Erik Morin.
Born 1862-12-20 in Tynderö (Y).
Died 1933-02-19 in Alnö, Näset (Z).


m Erika Stormberg.
Born 1867-02-23 in Bodsjö (Z).
Died 1943-12-12 in Alnö, Stornäset (Z).

mf Jonas Jonsson Stormberg.
Born 1826-09-16 in Haverö, Överturingen (Y).
Died 1904-01-13 in Bodsjö, Hunge (Z).


Märta Stina   Andersdotter 1831-1915

mm Märta Stina Andersdotter.
Born 1831-09-27 in Bodsjö, Hunge (Z).
Died 1915-10-05 in Bodsjö, Hunge (Z).

mmf Anders Krans.
Born 1802-12-10 in Rätan.



mmm Märta Eriksdotter.
Born 1798-05-25 in Bodsjö (Z).

mmmf Erik Andersson.
Born 1760 in Näs (Z).
Died 1846-01-26 in Bodsjö, Bodsjöbyn (Z).

mmmm Kristin Kerstin Hermansdotter.
Born 1762 in Bodsjö (Z).
Died 1838 in Bodsjö, Bodsjöbyn (Z).


1969 gift 1914

Spouse(s) and children

Married 1914-09-28 .
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