Pedigree chart Rolf Pär Fredrik Thunberg


Born 1974-12-15 in Östersund (Z).
Rolf Pär Fredrik Thunberg.
Born 1974-12-15 in Östersund (Z).

f Rolf Ulrik Thunberg.
Born 1945-10-29 in Östersund (Z).

ff Per Arvid Thunberg.
Born 1916-10-05 in Ström (Z).
Died 1964-04-21 in Borgvattnet, Borgsjö (Z).


Edit Viola  Thunberg 1923-2009

fm Edit Viola Thunberg.
Born 1923-08-23 in Östersund (Z).
Died 2009-02-16 in Bodsjö, Hunge (Z).


m Eva-Britt Thunberg.
Born 1950-03-04 in Revsund (Z).



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