Pedigree chart Lisa Charlotta Larsson


Born 1930-03-10 in Bodsjö, Finnäs (Z).
Lisa Charlotta Larsson.
Born 1930-03-10 in Bodsjö, Finnäs (Z).

Nils Albert  Larsson 1899-1985

f Nils Albert Larsson.
Born 1899-01-29 in Bodsjö, Lönningsberg (Z).
Died 1985-04-08 in Bräcke (Z).
Skogsarbetare, byggnadssnickare.

ff Lars Erik Karlsson.
Born 1871-10-22 in Bräcke (Z).
Died 1951-09-06 in Bodsjö, Sidsjö (Z).
Arbetare, arrendator, torpare.

fff Karl Larsson.
Born 1834 in Värmland (S).

Arbetare, torpare.


ffm Ingrid Stina Eriksdotter.
Born 1849-12-25 in Bräcke (Z).

ffmf Erik Persson.
Born 1818 in Linsell (Z).


fm Maria Charlotta Nilsson.
Born 1875-06-11 in Borgsjö (Y).
Died 1956-06-01 in Bodsjö, Sidsjö (Z).


 Hildur Matilda Karlsson 1903-1990

m Hildur Matilda Karlsson.
Born 1903-09-13 in Bodsjö, Våle (Z).
Died 1990-03-08 in Bräcke (Z).

mf Karl Olof Jonsson.
Born 1874-05-26 in Bodsjö (Z).
Died 1969-11-11 in Bodsjö, Våle (Z).

mff Jonas Israelsson.
Born 1834-10-20 in Bodsjö (Z).
Died 1910-03-03 in Bodsjö, Finnäs (Z).
Bonde Tjutboda.

mfff Israel Jonsson.
Born 1797-04-08 in Bodsjö (Z).

Nybyggare Tjutboda.

mffm Brita Eskilsdotter.
Born 1802-11-27 in Bodsjö, Finnäs (Z).

mfm Magdalena Juliana Karlsdotter.
Born 1834 in Revsund (Z).
Died 1900-09-11.


mm Lisa Juliana Wallin.
Born 1881-03-04 in Bodsjö, Våle (Z).
Died 1954-08-06 in Bodsjö, Våle (Z).

mmf Per Olof Wallin.
Born 1851-10-07 in Lockne (Z).
Died 1933-08-26 in Bodsjö, Våle (Z).
Fältjägare, bonde Våle.


mmm Lena Kajsa Olofsdotter.
Born 1851-04-02 in Bodsjö, Finnäs (Z).
Died 1893-11-13.

mmmf Olof Eriksson.
Born 1815-03-13 in Bodsjö, Finnäs (Z).

Torpare Finnäs, bonde Våle.

mmmm Gölin Juliana Persdotter.
Born 1822-05-16 in Bräcke, Grönviken (Z).


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1970 gift Frösön

Spouse(s) and children

Married Martin Viltalis Olsson. Born 1931-04-19 in Revsund (Z).

Ingrid Elisabet Olsson. Born 1951-01-09 in Bodsjö (Z).

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