Pedigree chart Märet Kvistlund


Born 1885-03-29 in Vemdalen (Z).
Died 1959-12-24 in Bodsjö, Kälen (Z).
Märet Kvistlund.
Born 1885-03-29 in Vemdalen (Z).
Died 1959-12-24 in Bodsjö, Kälen (Z).


1959 änka Kälen 1:57

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Spouse(s) and children

Married 1905-10-15 Valfrid Jönsson Rask. Arbetare.
Born 1882-01-25 in Bodsjö, Kälen (Z).
Died 1958-09-03 in Revsund, Ubyn (Z).

Jean Sixten Sigge Rask. Skogsarbetare.
Born 1906-02-13 in Vemdalen, Kyrkbyn (Z).
Died 1986-10-09 in Revsund, Gällö (Z).

Engla Kristina Rask. Born 1907-05-05 in Bodsjö (Y).
Died 1983-06-27 in Avesta (W).

Östen Folke Rask. Skogsarbetare, förman.
Born 1908-11-22 in Gillhov (Z).
Died 1993-12-24 in Grytnäs (W).

Sigrid Linnéa Rask. Born 1910-01-22 in Bodsjö, Kälen (Z).

Elin Lilly Martina Rask. Born 1912-11-08 in Bodsjö, Kälen (Z).
Died 2004-04-24 in Hackås, Hovsliden (Z).

Märta Katrina Valfrida Rask. Born 1916-03-06 in Bodsjö, Kälen (Z).
Died 1976-05-12 in Hackås, Finnsved (Z).

Aina Ingegärd Rask Bydler. Born 1918-06-16 in Bodsjö, Kälen (Z).
Died 1998-02-21 in Stora Tuna (W).

Torsten Valfrid Rask. Jordbruksarbetare, skogsarbetare, hemmansägare.
Born 1920-01-15 in Bodsjö, Kälen (Z).
Died 1996-11-22 in Hackås, Gillhov (Z).

Syster Marie Rask. Born 1922-03-21 in Bodsjö, Kälen (Z).
Died 1922-07-29 in Bodsjö, Kälen (Z).

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