Pedigree chart Ingeborg Andersdotter


Born 1845 in Rätan (S).
Ingeborg Andersdotter.
Born 1845 in Rätan (S).


Spouse(s) and children

Married Kristen Olofsson. Born 1842 in Berg (S).

Olof Kristensson. Born 1868 in Gillhov (Z).

Anders Kristensson. Arbetare, arrendator Tjutboda.
Born 1871-08-07 in Gillhov (Z).
Died 1938-09-10 in Bodsjö, Tjutboda (Z).

Sigrid Kristensson. Born 1873 in Gillhov (Z).

Anna Kristina Kristensdotter. Born 1876-07-23 in Gillhov (Z).
Died 1946-07-31 in Hackås, Dödre (Z).

Karl Kristensson. Born 1879 in Gillhov (Z).

Johannes Kristensson. Born 1883 in Gillhov (Z).

Beda Juliana Kristensson. Born 1887-08-09 in Gillhov (Z).
Died 1966-08-16 in Näs, Viken (Z).

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