Pedigree chart Kristen Olofsson


Born 1842 in Berg (S).
Kristen Olofsson.
Born 1842 in Berg (S).



1880 gift Odelstorpare Sandnäset med 5 barn
1890 gift torpare Gillhov, Sandnäset
1900 gift torpare Sandnäset med 5 barn

Spouse(s) and children

Married Ingeborg Andersdotter. Born 1845 in Rätan (S).

Olof Kristensson. Born 1868 in Gillhov (Z).

Anders Kristensson. Arbetare, arrendator Tjutboda.
Born 1871-08-07 in Gillhov (Z).
Died 1938-09-10 in Bodsjö, Tjutboda (Z).

Sigrid Kristensson. Born 1873 in Gillhov (Z).

Anna Kristina Kristensdotter. Born 1876-07-23 in Gillhov (Z).
Died 1946-07-31 in Hackås, Dödre (Z).

Karl Kristensson. Born 1879 in Gillhov (Z).

Johannes Kristensson. Born 1883 in Gillhov (Z).

Beda Juliana Kristensson. Born 1887-08-09 in Gillhov (Z).
Died 1966-08-16 in Näs, Viken (Z).

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