Pedigree chart Maria Kristina Johansdotter


Born 1846 in Lycksele (AC).
Maria Kristina Johansdotter.
Born 1846 in Lycksele (AC).


Spouse(s) and children

Married Karl Anton Dahl. Born 1839 in Lycksele (AC).

Johan Ferdinand Dahl. Born 1872-06-04 in Lycksele, Karlberg (AC).
Died 1941-09-19 in Lycksele, Tuvträsk (AC).

Karl August Dahl. Born 1874-07-22 in Lycksele, Karlberg (AC).
Died 1945-10-29 in Lycksele, Brattfors (AC).

Nanny Amanda Kristina Dahl. Stickerska.
Born 1877-05-02 in Lycksele, Karlberg (AC).
Died 1963-10-08 in USA, Boston.

Jenny Maria Dahl. Born 1882-08-16 in Lycksele (AC).
Died 1922-11-18 in Lycksele (AC).

Levi Oskar Dahl. Born 1885-04-11 in Lycksele (AC).
Died 1949-06-05 in Västerås (U).

Israel Leonard Dahl. Born 1887-08-19 in Lycksele (AC).
Died 1971-03-03 in Vilhelmina (AC).

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