Pedigree chart Brita Märta Andersdotter


Born 1876-09-21 in Bodsjö, Sidsjö (Z).
Brita Märta Andersdotter.
Born 1876-09-21 in Bodsjö, Sidsjö (Z).

Anders   Persson Krans 1850-1937

f Anders Persson Krans.
Born 1850-02-10 in Bodsjö, Ocksjön (Z).
Died 1937-10-05 in Bodsjö, Sidsjö (Z).
Torpare, arbetare, arrendator.

ff Per Johansson.
Born 1823-07-26 in Bodsjö, Bodsjöbyn (Z).

Torpare, bonde.


ffm Märta Eriksdotter.
Born 1798-05-25 in Bodsjö (Z).

ffmf Erik Andersson.
Born 1760 in Näs (Z).
Died 1846-01-26 in Bodsjö, Bodsjöbyn (Z).

ffmm Kristin Kerstin Hermansdotter.
Born 1762 in Bodsjö (Z).
Died 1838 in Bodsjö, Bodsjöbyn (Z).

fm Margreta Olsdotter.
Born 1825-07-12 in Bodsjö, Finnäs (Z).

fmf Olof Persson.
Born 1802-03-19 in Bodsjö, Sidsjö (Z).


fmff Per Petersson Persson.
Born 1759-12-21 in Nor (S).

Nämndeman, bonde Sidsjö.

fmfm Margareta Marget Fastesdotter.
Born 1764-04-06 in Bodsjö, Sidsjö (Z).

fmm Margreta Olofsdotter.
Born 1799 in Lockne (Z).


 Brita Juliana Olofsdotter 1846-1934

m Brita Juliana Olofsdotter.
Born 1846-12-10 in Bodsjö, Finnäs (Z).
Died 1934-01-26 in Bodsjö, Sidsjö, Lönningsberg (Z).

mf Olof Persson.
Born 1814-10-26 in Bodsjö, Finnäs (Z).
Died 1878-06-06 in Bodsjö, Sidsjö (Z).
Bonde Finnäs.

mff Per Olofsson.
Born 1778-11-28 in Bodsjö, Finnäs (Z).

Bonde Finnäs, nämndeman.

mfff Olof Ersson.
Born 1751-04-20 in Revsund, Döviken (Z).

Torpare, bonde Finnäs.

mffm Brita Persdotter.
Born 1749.

mfm Ingeborg Jonsdotter.
Born 1783-01-22 in Revsund (Z).


mm Gölin Persdotter.
Born 1812-04-17 in Bodsjö, Sidsjö (Z).

mmf Per Andersson.
Born 1781-12-19.
Died 1819-09-16.
Bonde Sidsjö.

mmff Anders Persson.
Born 1742-03-16 in Bodsjö, Sidsjö (Z).
Died 1799-08-03 in Bodsjö, Sidsjö (Z).
Bonde Sidsjö.

mmfm Gölin Persdotter.
Born 1754-10-20 in Nor.
Died 1832-10-19 in Sidsjö.

mmm Magdalena Persdotter.
Born 1786-02-28 in Bräcke, Stugusjön (Z).

mmmf Per Olofsson Gröndal.
Born 1750-04-.. in Bräcke, Stugusjö (Z).
Died 1797-07-09 in Bräcke, Stugusjö (Z).

mmmm Gölin Andersdotter.
Born 1757-10-24 in Revsund, Övsjö (Z).
Died 1819-10-03 in Bodsjö, Sidsjö (Z).


1896 ogift torpardotter Lönningsberg

Spouse(s) and children

Without marriage Magnus Jönsson.

Anders Jönsson. Born 1896-02-04 in Bodsjö, Lönningsberg (Z).

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