Pedigree chart Anna Therese Teresia Andersson


Born 1883-05-11 in Döderhult (H). [1]
Died 1960-08-08 in Hultsfred (H). [2]
Anna Therese Teresia Andersson.
Born 1883-05-11 in Döderhult (H). [1]
Died 1960-08-08 in Hultsfred (H). [2]

f Karl Johan Andersson.
Born 1851-02-17 in Döderhult (H). [3]
Died 1929-05-10 in Vena (H). [2]
Hemmansägare i Åkebo Målilla.

ff Anders Persson.
Born 1810 in Misterhult (H). [4]



fm Kajsa Lisa Karlsdotter.
Born 1824 in Döderhult (H). [4]


m Emma Karlsdotter.
Born 1859-06-26 in Döderhult (H).
Died 1937-04-15 in Hultsfred, Städet (H). [2]

mf Carl Nilsson Nyström.
Born 1820-10-29 in Fliseryd, Idehult (H). [5]
Died 1872-08-06 in Döderhult, Rostorp (H).
Arbetare, orgeltrampare.

mff Nils Persson Nyström.
Born 1773-07-08 in Fliseryd, Galjeberget (H). [6]
Died 1848-01-10 in Döderhult (H). [7]
Torpare Källan Idehult.


mffm Stine Nilsdotter.
Born. [8]

mfm Stina Persdotter.
Born 1784-06-28 in Mörlunda, Puksjömåla (H). [9]
Died 1845-04-02 in Döderhult (H). [7]

mfmf Per Persson.
Born 1749 in Döderhult (H). [10]

Brukare Puksjömåla.

mfmm Annika Svensdotter.
Born 1749 in Döderhult (H). [10]

mm Anna Brita Hendricksdotter Nyström.
Born 1821-02-19 in Döderhult, Fagereke, Svartlockstorpet (H). [11]
Died 1900-07-21 in Döderhult, Rostorp (H). [12]

mmf Hindrick Samuelsson.
Born 1780-06-02 in Fliseryd, Gaddegärde (H). [13]
Died 1823-12-02 in Döderhult, Fagerike, Svartlockstorpet (H). [14]
Torpare Svartlockstorpet.

mmff Samuel Hindricksson.
Born. [15]

mmfm Ingeborg Carlsdotter.
Born 1734 in Lönneberga?. [16]

mmm Anna Persdotter.
Born 1782-11-30 in Misterhult, Bodakvarn (H). [17]
Died 1840-08-03 in Döderhult, Forshult (H). [7]

mmmf Per Samuelsson.
Born. [18]



1960 änka

Spouse(s) and children

Married Johansson.


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