Pedigree chart Jonas Arvid Åhlin


Born 1848 in Tibble (C).
Jonas Arvid Åhlin.
Born 1848 in Tibble (C).


Spouse(s) and children

Married Anna Fredrika Odhner. Born 1847-12-25 in Dalby, Westby (S). [1]

Anna Sigrid Fredrika Åhlin. Born 1877 in Göteborg (O). [2]

Ester Hilda Maria Åhlin. Teckningslärare.
Born 1879 in Göteborg, Kristine (O).

Harald Arvid Åhlin. Born 1884 in Stockholm.

Arvid Hjalmar Daniel Åhlin. Born 1887 in Stockholm.

Johan Adolf Teofil Åhlin. Born 1889 in Stockholm.

Erik Ossian Åhlin. Born 1890 in Stockholm.


  1. GID 474.37.26400
  2. Sv bef 1890
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