Pedigree chart Kristina Persdotter


Born 1877-01-06 in Sunne (S). [1]
Died 1899-02-18 in Sunne, Maggeby (S). [2]
Kristina Persdotter.
Born 1877-01-06 in Sunne (S). [1]
Died 1899-02-18 in Sunne, Maggeby (S). [2]

f Per Jansson.
Born 1840-08-14 in Sunne, Maggeby (S). [3]

Hemmansägare i Maggeby.

ff Nils Ersson.


fm Karin Jansdotter.
Born 1815-12-09 in Sunne (Z). [1]
Died 1891-06-04 in Sunne, Maggeby (S). [1]


m Kajsa Eriksdotter.
Born 1850-04-14 in Sunne, Lövåsen (S).

mf Erik Danielsson.
Born 1813-05-02 in Sunne, Lövåsen No 1 (S). [4]
Died 1890-12-08 in Sunne, Lövåsen (S).
Hemmansägare Lövåsen.

mff Daniel Larsson.
Born 1770-12-14 in Sunne, Lövåsen (S). [5]
Died 1857-10-26 in Sunne, Lövåsen (S).

mfff Lars Danielsson Suhoinen.
Born 1742 in Sunne, Lövåsen (S). [5]
Died 1792-12-03 in Lysvik, Lövåsen (S). [5]

mffm Chirti Elofsdotter.
Born 1741 in Sunne, Bäck (Z). [5]

mfm Marit Larsdotter.
Born 1780 in Lysvik, Gelserud (S). [6]
Died 1862-02-20 in Sunne, Lövåsen (S).

mfmf Lars Bengtsson.

mfmm Ingeborg Persdotter.

mm Kerstin Jansdotter.
Born 1822-06-04 in Sunne, Lövåsen (S).
Died 1876-10-29 in Sunne, Lövåsen (S).

mmf Jan Nilsson.
Born 1782-12-10 in Sunne, Skogsberg (S). [7]
Died 1856-08-06 in Sunne, Lövåsen (S).

mmff Nils Pärsson.

mmfm Christin Olofsdotter.

mmm Karin Nilsdotter.
Born 1798-03-01 in Sunne, Lövåsen (S).
Died 1887-01-17 in Sunne, Lövåsen (S).

mmmf Nils Gustafsson.
Born 1764.

mmmm Ingeborg Larsdotter.
Born 1773 in Sunne, Lövåsen (S).

Spouse(s) and children

Married Erik Gustaf Edqvist. Hemmansägare, snickare.
Born 1836 in Alster (S). [8]

Josef Natanael Edqvist. Barberare.
Born 1898-10-09 in Alster (S).
Died 1966-09-03 in Karlstad, Domkyrko (S). [9]


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