Pedigree chart Anne Marie Nilsson


Born 1929-07-25 in Mattmar (Z).
Anne Marie Nilsson.
Born 1929-07-25 in Mattmar (Z).

f Nils Nilsson.
Born 1902-02-23 in Mattmar (Z).
Died 1974-07-24 in Mattmar, Nygård (Z).
Snickare i Nygård.

ff Nils Larsson.
Born 1863-12-02 in Mattmar, Nygård (Z).

Torpare i Nygård.

fff Lars Nilsson.
Born 1815-10-13.

Arbetare i Nygård.


ffm Kerstin Andersdotter.
Born 1834-10-02.


fm Elisabeth Persdotter.
Born 1867-07-23 in Rödön (Z).


m Anna Maria Barbara Olofsson.
Born 1906-06-20 in Mattmar (Z).
Died 1999-12-19 in Mattmar (Z).

mf Olof Eriksson.
Born 1866-01-31 in Mattmar (Z).

Bonde i Offne.

mff Erik Jonsson.
Born 1820-10-07 in Rödön, Undrom (Z).
Died 1909.
Bonde i Offne.


mfm Olivia Charlotta Skog.
Born 1825-02-04 in Stockholm (AB).
Died 1867-07-22 in Mattmar (Z).

mfmf N Skog.
Born estimated 1795.


mm Anna Mathilda Äng.
Born 1870-01-25 in Lockne (Z).


Spouse(s) and children

Married Karl Evert Ferdinand Hålén. Born 1926-09-11 in Mörsil (Z).

Carl Kennet Hålén. Born 1948-06-10 in Mörsil (Z).

Nils Reine Hålén. Born 1950-04-22 in Mörsil (Z).

Dick Otto Hålén. Born 1956-07-29 in Mörsil (Z).

Bo Ove Mikael Hålén. Born 1960-01-10 in Mörsil (Z).

Hans Patrik Hålén. Born 1964-01-13 in Mörsil (Z).

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