Pedigree chart Nils Mattsson


Jordägare, torpare i Ytterocke.
Born 1836 in Mattmar (Z).
Nils Mattsson.
Born 1836 in Mattmar (Z).

Jordägare, torpare i Ytterocke.

Spouse(s) and children

Married Anna Eriksdotter. Born 1835 in Mattmar (Z).

Erik Nilsson. Born 1865 in Mattmar (Z).

Lena Nilsdotter. Born 1868-04-16 in Mattmar (Z). [1]
Died 1951-05-17 in Mörsil, Över Ocke (Z). [2]

Gertrud Nilsdotter. Born 1871 in Mattmar (Z).

Matts (Maths) Nilsson. Born 1874 in Mattmar (Z).

Kristina Nilsdotter. Born 1878 in Mattmar (Z).


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  2. Sveriges Dödbok 1947-2006
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