Pedigree chart Greta Sofia Isaksdotter


Born 1860 in Karl Gustav (BD).
Greta Sofia Isaksdotter.
Born 1860 in Karl Gustav (BD).

f Isak Ersson Haara.
Born 1833 in Karl Gustav (BD).


m Maria Karolina Nilsdotter.
Born 1841 in Karl Gustav (BD).


Spouse(s) and children

Without marriage Mats Matsson Hourola. Backstugusittare Poulamajärvi.
Born 1839 in Finland.

Anna Sofia Mattsdotter. Born 1885 in Korpilombolo (BD).

Hilma Maria Mattsdotter. Born 1888-02-12 in Korpilombolo (BD).
Died 1963-03-29 in Hietaniemi (BD).

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