Pedigree chart Gun-Britt Maria Andersson


Born 1936-10-17 in Kisa (E).
Gun-Britt Maria Andersson.
Born 1936-10-17 in Kisa (E).



Pojkarna bor hos mamman 1980

Spouse(s) and children

Married 1957-02-16 Set Otto Göte Andersson. Born 1930-07-30 in Blackstad (H). [1]
Died 1989-10-14 in Norrköping Hedvig (E). [2]

Aina Liselotte Hildegun Andersson. Born 1957-07-22 in Norrköping St Nikolai (E). [3]

Göte Thomas Håkan Andersson. Born 1961-09-04 in Norrköping Matteus (E). [3]

Lars Göte Stefan Andersson. Born 1963-11-13 in Norrköping Matteus (E). [3]

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